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I AM a Channel of the Blue Ray of Creation and a Healer of the Soul.

I believe in your unique magnificence and your ability to restore your perfected soul blueprint.

I help you to heal on all levels of being and activate your divinity and your true essence so that you can shine and bring forth your one-of-a-kind soul purpose for this lifetime.


Healing transmissions and activations are multi-layered encoded high vibration frequencies from sound (528 Hz chimes and Koshi Aqua [water element] chimes, and Light Language), multi-dimensional beings and Ascended Masters, colors and crystals.

  • 528 Hz is a Solfeggio frequency that is said to be the miracle tone and the love frequency. It is the frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA. It is also the frequency of transformation and is the frequency that the Earth vibrates, bringing better health and healing. 528 Hz has a positive effect on water too, which explains its healing effects on the human body, which is at least 60% water as a whole. Water also plays an important role in the functioning of DNA. 528 Hz also helps with improving emotional balance, harmonizing and centering all levels of being, and detoxifying the body.

  • The Koshi Aqua Chimes play the notes A D F G A D F A. It produces sounds that are rich, pure and clear that resonate with peace, relaxation and wonder. Some other benefits of working with the water element include restoring healthy life force energy, enhancing creativity and new ideas, bolstering motivation to make forward progress and "get things done", bringing supportive energies that help you to flow and move more easily through changes, and helping to release impurities from the mind, body and spirit.

Listen to a sample of the 528 Hz and Aqua chimes played together



  • Light Language is the Language of Love and is the expression of God codes via speech, song, signing, and even writing and drawing. Light Language is composed of high frequency vibrations for activations and healing. It is meant to be felt with the heart, not understood with the mind. Light Language is not learned, it is remembered, and everyone has their own unique style. It is believed to be the Language of our future. Light Language can be categorized as from the Galactic (star beings, extraterrestrials, etc), Elemental (fairies, Earth spirits, unicorns, pixies, mermaids, etc), Angelic (Archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim, etc) or Gaia (ancient, present and future Earth languages) Family.



The Blue Ray is the first ray of Creation and is one of the most healing of all the color rays. It is balm for your soul!


Blue is the color of spirituality, purity, peace, compassion, creativity, communication, expression, hope, trust, clarity, truth, ancient wisdom, empathy, intuition and inspiration.


The Blue Ray is associated with both the sky (boundless, free and open) and water (flowing, soothing and relaxing). Together the sky and water gives one the feeling of endless possibility. It connects you to a spiritual and higher ground.

Blue Ray Healing Benefits

* Deep cleansing of the aura, energy fields and Chakras

* Clearing of negative energies and blockages

* Restoring energy balance within the body

* Releasing of deeply held traumas, anxieties and fears

* Emotional balancing

* Calming and relaxing tired nerves, alleviating agony and the pain from physical stress

* Raising of vibrations

* Enhancing creative power, communication and self-expression

* Clarifying life purpose

* Awakening to compassion and a Divine plan

Who would benefit from a Blue Ray of Creation healing session?

* You have deeply held trauma from this or a previous lifetime, or from your ancestral lineage, and you need help releasing it. You feel it is holding you back from expressing your true self and being an integral part of society, of knowing love, of giving and receiving love, or from moving forward with fulfilling your sacred mission.

* You need help finding your stillpoint. Your stillpoint is that place, that state of mind, where you are balanced and aligned with your soul, you can connect easily with your guidance and your higher self, and where deep healing can take place. It is peace and serenity. It is where you can surrender to the divine plan for your life. It is where you meet your true self and bring all that you are down into the Earth plane. It is where you can connect with and understand what your purpose is.

* You feel blocked from moving forward in any part of your life, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Or you simply want to transmute negative thoughts and feelings, raise your vibrations and bring emotional stability to your life.

* You would like a boost in your ability to bring in inspiration and to creatively manifest your ideas in the physical world. Or you want to enhance your communication with your self and others, and your ability to express your true self and your truth.

* Much more!


What is a Blue Ray being?


Blue Ray beings are the precursors to the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children and came to Earth to set the stage for these high frequency children to come.


Blue Rays came from many different ascended planets, such as Sirius, and light realms to the Earth plane and are considered the lost ray of the Light Worker. Blue Rays also have a strong connection to Lemuria.

Blue Rays are highly sensitive and have come to Earth with the purpose to restore the DNA of humanity to its original blueprint, which allows an individual access to higher frequencies and the divine.


Blue Rays are natural transmuters of lower negative energies, and are powerful catalysts for elevating the collective consciousness and for bringing love, light and healing to the planet.

Blue Rays work through Shekinah, the Sacred Divine Feminine essence of creation. Shekinah carries the Mother frequency and is the highest aspect of the soul group consciousness of all Blue Rays. This group includes AA Mikael, AA Gabriel, St. Germaine and his Violet Flame, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Hathor, Keepers of the Blue Flame, Lords of the Blue Flame from Sirius, Legions of the Blue Lightening Angels, the Christ Ray, the Christed Sophia, Angels of the Will of God and Sacred Sound.

Live with passion, vitality, power, truth, wisdom, grace, freedom and bliss!


You have arrived on Earth with a plan for your lifetime – this plan was encoded within the vibration of your birth name. Your plan consists of various combinations of soul codes and is a portrayal of who you are as an individual. It contains the lessons, challenges, talents, gifts, goals and overall purpose for your lifetime. You have the free-will to align with this plan or choose your own path.

A SOUL ALIGNMENT READING maps out your unique combination of soul codes. This knowledge can be the key to a deeper understanding of yourself and what you can focus on to activate your highest potential.

A SOUL ALIGNMENT READING is saved in a PDF document (approximately 12-15 pages for a longer name) and contains the following:

1.    A chart with your soul codes. There are 3 parts to the chart using a Star of David symbol – a downward facing triangle with your Physical Challenges, Talents and Goals, an upward facing triangle with your Spiritual Challenges, Talents and Goals, and a center point of both triangles with your Soul Destiny. If your birth name is 10 letters or less, your Physical and Spiritual codes are combined for your Challenges, Talents and Goals.
    o    The Physical Triangle represents the 1st phase of your life where you are mainly focused on living/surviving/thriving on the Earth plane from a worldly perspective.
    o    The Spiritual Triangle represents the 2nd phase of your life where you become more focused on your spiritual essence and how you can manifest your real purpose and mission for this lifetime.
    o    The Soul Destiny, which is a sum total of all your Physical and Spiritual soul codes, represents your core energy and, if you are in alignment with you soul plan, your highest potential for this lifetime.

2.    A description of each of your soul codes and how they might have, are, or will play out in your life – challenges you may experience, innate talents you possess and goals your soul wants you to achieve.

3.    A summary of your overall energy and core essence.

All you need to do is convo me your name exactly as written on your birth certificate when you order a reading.

This is an initial reading to give you an overall sense of your soul plan and is not to be used to replace any diagnose or treatment by a licensed professional.

These Soul Alignment Readings use an ancient form of numerology (Hebrew Gematria) for the purpose of mapping out soul plans as channeled by Frank Alper and documented by Blue Marsden in his book "Soul Plan: Reconnect With Your True Life Purpose". It is based on the Hebrew alphabet, which is an alphabet of not just sound (the sound a letter makes), but is where each letter is also associated to a number and where each letter carries its own unique energy and meaning. It is by far the most accurate and comprehensive system I have seen in my journey to understanding myself.


To this system, I bring in deeper understandings of each code from the meanings of each letter of  the Hebrew alphabet, Astrology, the elements (earth, air, wind, fire), the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and much more!

You can use your activated talents and gifts in the world in any way that speaks to you. This system will not tell you what to manifest, but will open you to the possibilities and potentialities.

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