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Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Wisdom of the Soul

4 the Golden Age

Cool insight into the the creation and journey of your soul and why it matters now.

Includes wisdom and healing transmissions, and how to's!

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Wild Path

"You have no need to travel anywhere. Journey within

yourself, enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the 

splendor of your own light." Rumi

Rainbow and Waterfall

"I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God."

        Sufi Proverb


The journey of a Soul is inspired by the quest for knowledge and the  awakening to the profound truth that the individual self and the  All are one!


Wisdom of the Soul 4 the Golden Age is all about you exploring what it means to be a soul. Discover why Souls are created, what is the purpose of a Soul, what is a Soul's journey, how a Soul journeys back to its Source, and what that means for you now.


In the Wisdom of the Soul program, you will create a foundation of knowing so you can attain a deeper understanding of your unique Soul journey. Find out how you can use that 

knowledge to come into alignment with your Soul and embody its unique purpose for the Golden Age.


In the Wisdom of the Soul program, you will


  • Gain insight into the creation and journey of a soul and why it matters to your spiritual journey

  • Discover how you can align with your soul and embody more of its unique essence

  • Receive soul alignment and soul blueprint encoded healing transmissions that will help to accelerate your Soul's journey and take it to the next level



  • New and up-leveled understanding of Souls from their initial creation to the end of their journey, which takes them up through the densities, gaining experience and advancing their wisdom and consciousness - over 1.5 hours of wisdom transmissions!

  • Discovery of yourself as a spiritual and eternal being!  

  • Excitement and incitement to continue your unique journey!

  • Catalytic energy healing transmissions with high frequency divine light, sounds, light language, and crystals designed to accelerate your Soul journey to the next level - 52 minutes of healing transmissions!

  • Access to a powerful daily practice designed to energize, heal, activate, and attune you to the Golden Age energies!


An Opportunity for You...


  • Wisdom Transmission Videos (3)

  • Healing Transmission Audios (2)

  • Guidebook (1)

Download all the videos and audios for unlimited access! 

One time investment of

$111 USD

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