This is a 20 minute recording of a Creative Purpose Activation transmission.


In this recording, I guide you in activating your Soul Purpose while channeling healing frequencies. This transmission is facilitated by Shekinah, the Holy Spirit and Mother Aspect of our Prime Creator. She is the Sacred Divine Feminine Essence of Creation and the highest aspect of the Blue Ray Soul Group.


This recording is encoded with special healing frequencies of the Color Rays, the beautiful crystal energies of Blue Kyanite and White Selenite, and 528 HZ and Water Element chimes. You can listen to this as many times as you desire to experience and re-experience them.  It is a beautiful experience in healing, crystal and sound frequencies. You can listen to a sample of the chimes on the About Our Services page.


This transmission may be most beneficial to those that have already done some self-healing work and are ready to start bringing their creative purpose out into the world.


We, as humans, are created to be creators of our own experiences and reality. Our human incarnations are designed so we can learn the skills needed to create from a balanced state which is a balance of dualistic energies, a balance of emotional energy and a balance of mind, body, and soul. Balance is found when we can accept, embrace, and embody ALL that we are. What we may judge as being good or bad, your higher self sees as simply experiences – experiences that teach self-realization, wisdom, and unity. As we expand our consciousness, we can aspire to create from a higher and higher dimension. Our creative purpose in this lifetime is held within our soul blueprint, our plan for this life.


This Creative Purpose Activation is designed to align you with your Soul, to connect you with your soul gifts, to up-level your creative powers, to trigger your imagination and inspirational visions, to activate the flow of your creative energies and quicken them with love, joy and passion, and to switch on your ability to bring what you have conceived into your physical reality.


We all have multiple purposes in this lifetime, so you can re-experience this activation any time you feel a new creation is wanting to be birthed and you wish to catalyze its conception.

After ordering, you will be sent an audio recording in MP3 format. Please let me know if you would like it in a different format and I will try to accommodate it!

All this for $20.00 USD!

Creative Purpose Activation Recording