This is an intense clearing, repairing, balancing & aligning healing transmission for 60 minutes. This includes the 8 physical body Chakras (Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, High Heart, Throat, Third-Eye & Crown), the Earth and Soul Star Chakras and the feet and hand Chakras.


When ordering a transmission, include the name, age and location of the individual the healing is for. A current picture, if possible, helps me to tune into their unique energy signature. This can be an intense experience, so make sure the individual is ready and willing.

A transmission will be completed within 2 business days at which time I will send you a recording of the session as an MP3 file. The recording is encoded specifically for the individual to experience the healing over and over again. It is a beautiful experience in healing, crystal and sound frequencies.

All this for $175.00 USD!

Intensive Chakra Clearing for People + Recording