This is a 20 minute recording of a Soul Blueprint Healing transmission.


In this recording, I guide you in reactivating the 3 Founder Rays of Creation within your heart and energetic being and begin the restoraton of your Soul Blueprint back to its intended perfected state while channeling healing frequencies. This transmission is facilitated by Shekinah, our Divine Mother, Christos-Sophia, the Son-Daughter of God, and our Divine Father.


This recording is encoded with special healing frequencies of the 3 Founder Rays of Creation, 528 Hz, the miracle tone of transformation, and Water Element chimes. You can listen to this as many times as you desire to experience and re-experience them.  It is a beautiful experience in healing, color and sound frequencies. You can listen to a sample of the chimes on the About Our Services page.


The Trinity of the Godhead (Mother God, Christos-Sophia, Father God) is composed of the three sources of the original primal sounds of creation, also known as the Threefold Flame o the Founder Rays, used in the creation of our universe:

  1. Aqua Blue Ray Mother Arc - Shekinah the Holy Spirit and the Ray of Wisdom.
  2. Golden Ray Christos-Sophia - Son and Daughter of God that reflects the true image of God in the unified Sacred Masculine and Feminine, and is the Ray of Love.
  3. Violet-Magenta Ray Father Arc - Cosmic Holy Father and the Ray of Power and Compassion in Action.


The purpose of this healing transmission is to reactivate these pure creation frequencies of the Godhead Trinity within your Heart and being, and to begin the restoration of your Soul Blueprint back to its perfected state.


After ordering, you will be sent an audio recording in MP3 format. Please let me know if you would like it in a different format and I will try to accommodate it!

All this for $30.00 USD!

Soul Blueprint Healing Recording