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Services Disclaimer & Client Agreement

By ordering any 4 Body Healing session or service, you understand and agree to the following.

  • The success of a healing session is dependent on the receptivity of the client (who the session was ordered for) to the energy being sent or encoded in a recording.

  • An energy healing session recording that is encoded specifically for the individual the session was ordered for may not benefit any other individual, unless it is specifically stated that it is a general healing session for all/any listeners.

  • Healing can take many forms, may come in unexpected ways or be experienced over time.

  • Energy healing usually addresses the cause first and then works out into the other affected bodies (i.e., physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies).

  • Healing energies never do any harm and only work within what is in the highest and greatest good of the client.

  • Energy healing is not meant as a substitute for traditional medical or any other diagnosis and treatment.

  • Energy healing does not in any way interfere with the treatment of a licensed professional and it is strongly recommended that an appropriate professional be consulted for serious health imbalances.

  • Energy healing sessions are considered complementary to the client's own self-healing efforts and helps the client to discover, acquire and activate their own ability to heal their self.

  • Energy healing sessions or services are never refundable. All sales are considered final.

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