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Janet Smith

4 Body

Live with Wholeness, Passion, Vitality, Power, Truth, Wisdom, Grace, Freedom & Bliss!

Krystic Energy Server II
Krystic Energy System®
The Krystic Energy System®
is a newly manifested technology that Shekinah and Sananda
have brought from a future timeline of Earth’s Golden Age.
This celestial healing technology connects the practitioner to
the Cosmic, Galactic, Solar and Earth fields of consciousness and frequency bandwidths,
that allows the practitioner to go well beyond the context of healing.

Krystic Energy System®
has been transported through time and is birthed from extensive knowledge
of the human light body and Golden Age Science.
This Energy system has the potential to alter the very fabric of what is considered ‘healing’,
and upscale the efficacy and practice of any and all modalities that one has already learned from previous certifications and healing methods.

Although, one may combine their previous healing practice with the

Krystic Energy System®
for a vast increase in power and healing ability,
it is a stand alone and is intended to far exceed any current healing practices.
This system is Energetic Alchemy and as it comes from the future,
is a new paradigm of whole-ing’ without need for slow process.

Krystic Energy System®
is not a modality. It is a multi-realm experience of merging and
unifying with the Krystic Field to co-facilitate miracles.
The KES is measurably the most advanced energy healing/whole-ing system available.

To meet the creators,
learn more extensive information about the

Krystic Energy System®
or to become a Certified TwinRay Krystic Server, click below.
Purchasing any KES session on this site is confirmation that you have read, understand and agree to all the terms and conditions of the Client Consent Form and Liability Waiver.
During a Krystic Energy Session, I apply and utilize the most advanced, Highest Vibrational Spiritual Technology, Codes of Light, Ethereal Sound Harmonics, Vibrational Medicines that are made possible by a deep communion with the Krystic Energy System®.

This may lead to karmic removal which may have been stuck in physical and emotional looping for possibly lifetimes and will accelerate greatly the receiver’s spiritual ascension. The protocols applied will also reconnect the receiver’s physical vessel to the original blueprint of the Divine Human vessel, thus enabling one to open up to future realities of the Golden Age in a far greater way. It also reconnects one to one’s own Higher Self, true Self, and brings in more of one's Soul’s light into the physical body. This enables the receiver to shine even brighter and become a beacon of ever greater light on this earth.

Krystic Energy System® activates Bio-physical transmutation through the axis point of one’s Spiritual DNA and Bio-Energy Field.

And, the
Krystic Energy System® connects one directly to the purest, most potent, most sacred and pristine energy field of consciousness. It is a direct link to the Cosmic Kryst and Krystal Star.

It's now almost one week ago that I experienced a KES session with Janet and to my happy surprise I do feel already more lightness, clearness and strength in my life. It feels like veiled structures in myself and between me and the outside world are now transparent and this gives a lot of peace! This brightness makes things fall into their right place. I'm very very grateful for seeing, feeling and understanding better now who I am!


Before the session started last week, Janet asked me by e-mail on which topics I wanted to work and when we saw each other online she took the time to explain me more about what KES enhales. Then we started. I was laying on the couch and we worked a lot with bringing back the clock. Also during this part was Janet very clear, she told me what she expected from me and guided me through the depth of my questions to reach in this the core issue together. When I brought back the clock I saw sometimes a clock and sometimes only numbers. There were also some moments that it felt really really hard to bring back the clock and one time that the time on the clock moved very fast to the other direction so that I had to work even harder to bring it back. 

When we finished I felt very tired, Janet told me that we worked for almost 2 hours! 


I look back with a very positive feeling about the session, Janet is a very kind, intuitive and professional woman and I hope there will come a moment in my life where I can learn more about KES. 

Juliette (Netherlands)

The morning before the session began I felt these beautiful new energies coming through that Were new to me. Janet offered her presence and patience with working through all my intentions. She offered suggestions when I was finding it difficult to focus that was very helpful. I felt supported in the process. I could feel at a deep soul level clearing and a sort of recalibrating. The following week I had a connection to the krystic energies supporting a returning to source. I feel more clarity and ability to work through daily events in a new way. I also feel encouraged to keep working on my healing path. To keep slowing down to integrate the energies and intuition for more healing. Many opportunities have come up to learn better discernment, connect and gather resilience. I really enjoyed the process of taking responsibility for my own healing instead of having someone else do all the work. I felt supported in the process of working together. 

Jennifer (Canada)

My Krystic energy session with Janet was a really neat experience. I'd never had one done before so it was all new to me. I didn't have anything come up during it such as thoughts, feelings or other things I should be focusing on other than the main things I chose to focus on before we started the session. I do believe the session worked almost immediately regarding one topic we were focusing on as I had proof just hours later and the very next day. Without going into too much detail, relationships that we focused on during the session were mended that I did not foresee happening. I feel Janet was very professional and would absolutely recommend her healing services to others.

Samantha (USA)

Janet’s KES session was amazing. I felt we did some deep work and I felt tired after the session, and yet I felt so great as we were peeling away all the layers of fears and traces of past experiences. I took some time to rest and I felt rejuvenated afterwards. Janet was very thorough in her approach and so kind, she explained the process to me in a way I could easily understand and I really enjoyed our session. Overall, this was a truly memorable and amazing healing experience. Thank you Janet!

Teja (Slovenia)

I totally enjoyed my session with Janet.  We did a zoom call and everything was very professional.   She had prepared me ahead of time by telling me to have an intention of what I wanted to work on.  She took me step-by-step through every item that was on my list plus a few more that came up along the way. She was very approachable, kind and intuitive which helped me open up and get to the cause.  We worked for a couple hours and we both absolutely enjoyed the entire session.  I feel that I had a breakthrough right near the end including a few tears which was very healing. I had issues with pain in my back and down my legs.  It was interesting when we dealt with the energy of it all and what came up was mind blowing.  I noticed even the next day that I kept realizing more and more and feeling better and better.  Janet is very gifted and I would definitely use her services again. 


Linda (USA)

Janet guided me through a mind blowing KES session. I think we both did not expect the duration of more than three hours. But Janet did not leave me a second and was of unwavering presence. She provided me such a safe container and guided me deeper and deeper into the landscapes of unseen aspects of my being. During the whole time I felt her grounded competence and preparation. I felt her gifted in many ways. She moves through the session with great alignment, knowing, intuition, mindfulness, kindness, understanding and compassion, and lightness. 

I am deeply grateful to have had worked with her. She will certainly help, and already does, many souls to find lost pieces of themselves.

I thank you dearly, Janet.

Barbara (Italy)

I am so grateful for my KES session with Janet. I immediately felt a potent calming and soothing energy before we even began. Janet took the time to explain the process of the session and how it worked. During the session I could feel stuck energy unwinding and releasing from my body.  It was quite profound. Janet was so spot on with what energies were coming up and helped me work through them using the KES protocols. After the session, I went out into my backyard and felt so connected to nature. I felt like I was in another realm. Three blue dragonflies started  flying around me to say hello. It was magical!


Jackie (USA)

I want to remain with the beautiful energy with which I came from the session with you!  Janet, you are a magician! The healing-wholing-“voyages”

with you are so profound , so beautiful, so revealing, so wonderful. I deeply thank you!!!!!

This is a miraculous encounter with you. You have an immense capacity in a so beautiful natural way. 

Barbara (Italy) 2nd KES Session

About Your KES Server

Janet01062022 (2).jpeg

I am an inveterate Seeker of Wholeness!

My life journey's primary purpose is to exemplify wholeness and then to serve others in a way where they can also exemplify their wholeness.

Wholeness, to me, is a precious gift resulting from the transmutation and transformation of all lower vibrational frequencies that express themselves in our reality as negative emotions, thoughts and actions, as well as dis-ease within the heart, mind and physical body.

Wholeness is returning to the perfection we were designed to be as humans and where we are living with passion, vitality, power, truth, wisdom, grace, freedom and bliss!

When the Krystic Energy System® came into my awareness, I knew this was the next step for me. It was in perfect alignment with my Seeking of Truth, and an up-leveling of the knowledge I had already acquired in the natural healing arts.

To a KES session, I may also incorporate energies and knowledge from Reiki, numerology, color therapy, astrology, tarot, plant medicine, crystal magic, light language, iridology and shamanic practices.

About Your KES Server
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