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Krystic Energy Server II
The Krystic Energy System®
is a newly manifested technology that Shekinah and Sananda
have brought from a future timeline of Earth’s Golden Age.
This celestial healing technology connects the practitioner to
the Cosmic, Galactic, Solar and Earth fields of consciousness and frequency bandwidths,
that allows the practitioner to go well beyond the context of healing.

Krystic Energy System®
has been transported through time and is birthed from extensive knowledge
of the human light body and Golden Age Science.
This Energy system has the potential to alter the very fabric of what is considered ‘healing’,
and upscale the efficacy and practice of any and all modalities that one has already learned from previous certifications and healing methods.

Although, one may combine their previous healing practice with the

Krystic Energy System®
for a vast increase in power and healing ability,
it is a stand alone and is intended to far exceed any current healing practices.
This system is Energetic Alchemy and as it comes from the future,
is a new paradigm of whole-ing’ without need for slow process.

Krystic Energy System®
is not a modality. It is a multi-realm experience of merging and
unifying with the Krystic Field to co-facilitate miracles.
The KES is measurably the most advanced energy healing/whole-ing system available.

To meet the creators,
learn more extensive information about the

Krystic Energy System®
or to become a Certified TwinRay Krystic Server, click below.
Purchasing any KES session on this site is confirmation that you have read, understand and agree to all the terms and conditions of the Client Consent Form and Liability Waiver.